Hand platform trolley

  • Plastic platform trolley supplier

    Plastic platform trolley supplier

    Plastic platform trolley supplier

    High density board that inject once molding by large industrial injection molding machine, with super density and reliable quality.

    Good bearing performance, not easy to break, easy to push and pull.
    Caster is the key part of running effect for hand cart.
    Casters of Uni-Silent brand are always in good performance on quiet, wear resistance and pull force saving under full load bearing.
    Capacity for plastic platform trolley
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    Platform Trolley

    Platform Hand Trolley 1.Zinc plated handle 2.Plastic platform 3.Front row of rigid PU rim PP core casters 4.Back row of swivel PU rim PP core casters 5.Caster with dust-free washer & chrome plated fork 6.Industrial usage Platform trucks is one of the commonly used handling equipment in factories, warehouses and supermarkets. It is one of the basic tools to realize cargo handling. It has the characteristics of simple structure and light weight. The platform trolley can easily carry go...