Electric hoist wire rope maintenance method

1, the surface of the wire rope should be coated with anti-rust lubricating oil, in the non-operating conditions should be covered in tarpaulin or plastic film.

2, wire rope electric hoist gear box, gear surface should be coated with oil containing barium sulfonate antirust grease, and regularly check the corrosion and protection film integrity.

3, the hook bearing, to inject calcium antirust grease to prevent rust, and often check.

4, wire rope hoist parts of the processing of the exposed surface and exposed thread surface and other corrosive parts, should be coated with calcium antirust grease or other antirust grease.

5, rusted parts, first with a hardwood or bamboo chip scrape rust spot reapply oil, such as the original oil film has been damaged or metamorphose, kerosene or gasoline cleaning, and then coated with antirust grease.


Post time: Jul-16-2021