• Permanent magnetic lifter

    Permanent magnetic lifter

    Specification The permanent magnet jack consists of a high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form a strong magnetic system. Through the rotation of the handle, the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system is changed to achieve the suction and release of the workpiece. The upper part of the jack has a lifting ring for lifting the object, and a V-shaped groove is provided for holding the corresponding cylindrical object. The high-performance permanent magnet material use...
  • 80 grade chain

    80 grade chain

    Material: high quality alloy steelSurface treatment: self-color, polishing, blackened, painted, plastic coating, hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized, etc.Manufacturing standard: ISO,DIN,BS,JIS,ASTEMQuality grade: min.4 timesNon-standard chain according to the clients' requirements  
  • KCD multi-functional hoist

    KCD multi-functional hoist

    The Multi-functional hoist has the characteristics of fast braking speed, small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to use and easy maintenance. It has 300-600kg, 400-800kg, 500-1000kg 750-1500KG, 1T-2T, the length of the wire rope can be customized according customer’s demands. Multi-functional Hoist can be used in residential construction, ash brick, freight yard warehouse, shopping malls, restaurants, individual workshops, small factories, can make any Angle of moving, lifting, l...
  • Hand pallet truck with scales

    Hand pallet truck with scales

    Hydraulic Manual Forklift Hand Pallet Jack 3 ton Hand Pallet Truck Manual hydraulic pump AC pallet easy lift forklift truck 2T,2.5T,3T capacity 1.Rubber coated handle 2.Fully Powder coated body 3.Hard chrome plated piston 4.Single piece pump with galvanised body 5.Large diameter solid steel steering wheel 6.Tandem solid steel load rollers Product details Capacity Min height Max height Length(mm) Width(mm) Wheel 2 80 200 1150 550 Nylon/PU/Rubber 2 80 200 1200 685 Nylon/PU/Rubber ...
  • Hand Pallet Truck

    Hand Pallet Truck

    The first cast cylinder pump Pioneering aluminothermic welding whole body pump , put an end to any looseing and leakage, applicable to various environment , under the normal use of up to 3-5 years of life. High reliability Contour line is fluent , unique style , power and beauty. Alloy steel of high strength steel plate meticulously, carrying capacity is big. Set the active safety valve , can avoid overload use. Humanized design, standard pedals , guide wheel , convenient operation ...
  • HS-VD chain block

    HS-VD chain block

    •Characteristic 1. Adopting Japanese technology and the cover adopt high-end embossed technology 2. Adopting Low alloy structural steel plate to make the chain block more safe, reliable and durable. 3. 80 class high strength lifting chain, high safety factor, long service life 4. Smooth rotation, high efficiency, small hand pull 5. Double pawl, double regulating wheel structure, more safe and reliable Products have been widely used in nuclear power, thermal power transmission and transformation
  • HS-VT chain block

    HS-VT chain block

    •Use HSZ-VT series chain block is one kind of manual lifting tools that simple in use and convenient to carry. It is suitable for the factory, the mine, the construction site, the agricultural production as the wharf, the dock, the warehouse, etc. as the mounting machinery. HSZ-VT chain block can be used with each kind of manual single track, suitable for single track transportation, manual single beam, bridge type hoist crane and cantilever crane. •Characteristic 1.Safe,reliable 2.High perfo...
  • HST chain block

    HST chain block

    HST chain block is characterized by compact structure, light weight, durability, high mechanical efficiency and small hand pull. Small space between two hooks, especially suitable for narrow working space, safe and reliable, easy maintenance. The cover and gear has good rigidity, high strength, good anti-collision ability, and can effectively protect the internal components of the body and other advantages, which is closely related to his design material alloy steel, production process high-t...
  • KII chain block

    KII chain block

    Features:1. It has the function of quickly adjusting the position of the lower hook;2, automatic double ratchet brake system, higher safety;3, double regulating wheel structure, lifting goods more smoothly, not easy to card chain;4, die forged and heat treated hook has high strength and wear resistance;5. G80 alloy steel lifting chain and galvanized hand chain are standard configurations.  
  • HSC chain block

    HSC chain block

    HSC series Chain Hoist is improved from the base of HSZ type chain hoist, after absorbing the advanced technology of the world. Besides the traditional characteristics of HSZ chain hoist, it needs less hand-pull force, and it is safer, more beautiful and more applicable. Description Model HSZ-C0.5 HSZ-C1 HSZ-C1.5 HSZ-C2 HSZ-C3 HSZ-C5 HSZ-C10 Capacity(t) 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 Standard Lift(m) 2.5 2.5 2.5 3 3 3 3 Running Test Load(T) 0.75 1.5 2.25 3 4.5 7.5 12.5 Headroom (drawn clo...
  • HSZ chain block

    HSZ chain block

    HSZ hand hoist is a kind of easy to use, widely used, convenient to carry manual lifting machinery, can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electricity, construction production and construction, wharf, dock, warehouse machinery installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, especially suitable for open air and no power operations. The products of our company are produced according to national standard, use the symmetrical arrangement of the secondary gear running structure,...
  • Wire rope lever hoist

    Wire rope lever hoist

    Wire Rope Lever Block Introduction:The cover of Wire Rope Lever Block is made of high – strength aluminum alloy, the supporting steel wire rope has particularly high breaking tension and abrasion resistance, according to customer needs to configure the appropriate length of steel wire rope. Capacity mainly is 800 kg, 1600 kg, 3200 kg. Suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, wharves, transportation and other occasions, it is an ideal tool for equipment installation, cargo lift...