Juda brand PA

Miniature electric hoist is also called civil electric hoist. Is a kind of lifting hoist, generally divided into household miniature hoist and industrial miniature hoist, can also be divided into wire rope miniature electric hoist and chain miniature electric hoist.

Micro electric hoist as a new type of electric hoist is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial zones and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics and other occasions.

PA type mini electric wire rope hoist a new product by adopting foreign advanced technology. It is easy to carry and install as it has small size and light weight. 1.Emergency stop switch option.
2.With upper position limited.
3.Protection class up to IP54.
4.With thermal prevention device.
5.Non-rotating wire rope.
6.Hoist frame option.
7.High quality motor
8.Low Voltage

It can show its excellent quality in warehouse, dock, batching, hanging basket and narrow working space. It is the best matching product of fixed column type and wall type slewing crane. Miniature electric hoist beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, convenient installation, small noise, safe and reliable use, so the miniature electric hoist is widely used in factories, workshops, families, warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, decoration and handling and other places.

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Post time: Jul-28-2021